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Answer this please?

9 answers · 6 days ago
If a unknown caller calls you and you answer while talking to the unknown caller and they don’t say nothing then they hang up could it be someone I know

So I wanted to replace my landline phone with my cell phone since I hardly use my landline at all. However, in the event of an emergency, I know that if I call 911 with a landline they have all the information they need on where I am as soon as I call them. But if I had to call them, and couldn't speak for... show more

If I am talking on one of the handsets in my house that has Voip phone service, can someone in my household record my phone call without them picking up another phone handset? For example, can that person be recording my calls on the computer? This person seems to know things I've said in calls when he... show more

Who keeps calling me?

7 answers · 3 weeks ago
who keeps calling me

Phone jack must have 2 or 4 wires?

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Best answer: You can always pick up the phone and listen without speaking. This incurs a charge for nuisance callers. Even better when a caller asks if he is speaking to you, say, 'No, but I'll go and get him'. Then just leave the phone off the hook and carry on doing what you were doing.

You can never get a hold of someone when you want to?

The telephone wire connecting to our home is quite bad, and the broadband we are getting at the moment is only 1mb download speed and we cant get any higher. I am switching to Vodafone broadband, keeping the line but getting rid of the phone. Will my internet still be bad because of the line? Do I have to pay line... show more

Best answer: The number is registered in southwest Connecticut, but that isn't necessarily where the caller is located.

Random phone call creeping me out?

5 answers · 3 months ago
Hi so I got a call that was No caller ID, and I ignored it. Then I got another call from New Roads, LA, and I answered it. (I do not live anywhere near LA) (Got this call at 9:11 pm). A woman asked is this __ (my name) and I said no (even though that was my name) she said “you have less than 24 hours” and started... show more

The telephone operates off a 48 volt battery but I checked my new line phone and my new cordless phones. The long range one with the smart computer has a battery but the other two do not. Does anyone know why?