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Hp computer won t do anything?

8 answers · Desktops · 2 days ago
My hp computer is so slow. It won t let me click on the start menu. If I open a program it takes ten minutes to click on one aspect of the program then you have to wait and hope it doesn t freeze. I just ran a full virus scan which came back clean. Defrag. Optimized disk. Cleaned all temp files etc. Also ran in... show more

Where will the Computer be in 2050?

9 answers · Desktops · 1 day ago

Cpu question?

8 answers · Desktops · 21 hours ago
anyone know how to use 100 percent of cpu i have i5 2500 and im currently getting 12 fps on old titles lowest settings cpu says its only using 20 percent

How long should a laptop last and when should I get a new one?

7 answers · Laptops & Notebooks · 1 day ago

Why Computer Win 10 super slow?

6 answers · Desktops · 1 day ago

How can I increase storage for my laptop?

20 answers · Laptops & Notebooks · 5 days ago
I have a laptop with just 32GB and apparently it can't be upgraded. It only cost $100. But I can't even get Windows updates cause of no room. Should I delete Office 365 since I never use it and it's 2 GB?

So my parents' pc died and i thought i could give them one of my old systems until they get a new one but i'm not sure if this thing is still capable of handling basic stuff. before i start installing windows and all the programs i want to make sure that i wont waste my time... what do you think? can it... show more

Can my laptop be repaired?

8 answers · Laptops & Notebooks · 3 days ago
For a while now, my Toshiba laptop (I m not sure of the spec) has had broken hinges - it can t sit open without support from behind. However, this has meant the screen has been at risk, and yesterday it stopped working. Can it be repaired?

How to fix physical damage on laptop?

6 answers · Laptops & Notebooks · 2 days ago
I dropped a really heavy object on my Lenovo laptop. It still works, but it now has a deep dent on the track pad. I don't have a warranty to cover it, but I don't mind paying for it. How can I have this fixed so that it's like it was before? Can I somehow sent it to Lenovo for repairs??

If I buy a laptop in the U.S. will it work in NORWAY? WiFi, NORWAY?

4 answers · Laptops & Notebooks · 11 hours ago

I currently play on a Lenovo Legion Windows 10 Laptop, and a problem I have been seeing occur is while mid game the computer will go into sleep mode. I don't know if I am pressing a keyboard shortcut on accident, or what is going on, but I want it to stop. Does anyone have any clue what settings I could change,... show more

What specs do I get for a $50 laptop?

8 answers · Laptops & Notebooks · 4 days ago
Best answer: A $50 laptop is one that is fully obsolete now, so you could get any range of specs. The laptop may be only a few years old, or dozens of years old, but they will cost the same. Basically it's being bought for the mass of materials it's made of.

My printer won't print!?

5 answers · Printers · 2 days ago
My printer won't print anything, all it does is let the paper go through and leaves the papers blank. We checked and it still has plenty of ink in them. It's an Epson printer. We got a dell computer and I don't know what's going. Can you tell me how to fix it? I need an answer immediately as I need... show more

Best answer: You will not get a reliable laptop at £200, except possibly an old business laptop. Although Sims have very low requirements, £200 is just above the very cheapest laptops. https://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/NC14V1006-128-Gemini-NC14-Ultra-Slim-Laptop_2297716.html Celeron N3350 scores only 1113 as a CPU, in the range... show more

My laptop doesn’t work how can I fix it?

22 answers · Laptops & Notebooks · 1 week ago
I left my Lenovo laptop open for like 2 hours accidentally and when I came back to it I saw “error” I didn’t read it and Ignored it but now it doesn’t work and it doesn’t open how can I fix it?

Helppppp! I spilled acetone on my laptop and it isn’t getting off?

8 answers · Laptops & Notebooks · 5 days ago
Okay so I have a laptop for school and I spilled a little acetone on it and now I can’t get it off. I’ve tried soap and water but it does nothing. I have to turn in this laptop at the end of the year so if this doesn’t get off then I’m ******.