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I know a guy who spends $1000 per day, but I don't know how much money he makes and how? can u guess?

Is it okay not to have a Facebook?

39 answers · Facebook · 2 days ago
Best answer: yes. more and more people are deleting their account on facebook.

Boyfriend often blocks me..?

13 answers · Facebook · 2 days ago
My boyfriend blocked me in whatsapp few months ago but still he messages sometimes in messenger.. But now, he has ignored my messages in Facebook messenger.. I didnt fight with him... Long back, he fought with me and blocked my whatsapp but still he msgs me in messenger but now he has given "ignore... show more

Any good videos to watch on youtube?

22 answers · YouTube · 2 days ago

Best answer: Its a roulette of possibilities.

What are my chances of winning a giveaway?

16 answers · YouTube · 3 days ago
I just entered I giveaway. And hopefully my email is drawn

How do I get facebook?

10 answers · Facebook · 2 days ago

What is your favorite youtube channel?

7 answers · YouTube · 21 hours ago
Best answer: No certain favorite one

Best answer: Well his son in-law is Jared KUSHner

Best answer: Actually, I happen to know exactly what you are talking about... and I'm white. Whether you mean the real Jews, The original native Americans, King James, or the tribe of Gad, I've seen it. I don't know how many people keep track of this stuff, or how many of those are white, but I promise you the white... show more

What s the best way to gain youtube subs?

6 answers · YouTube · 21 hours ago

Best answer: He is offensive to his audience merely for the sake of gaining attention.

Why does Antifa beat black people with metal batons?

18 answers · YouTube · 5 days ago
Best answer: ANTIFA members are unhinged savages suffering from extreme mental issues. One of them even stabbed an innocent police horse.

Do you still use Facebook ?

17 answers · Facebook · 6 days ago
Best answer: I deleted my accounts. I see many scammers, bad people and useless friendships.

Youtube is from Google? Right?

11 answers · Google · 4 days ago
Best answer: Google bought and currently owns Youtube but didn't create it originally.

I cant lof into my facebook account?

5 answers · Facebook · 14 hours ago

Can someone trace my IP through Facebook chat?

5 answers · Facebook · 15 hours ago
I was recently threatened over Facebook chat by someone I d chatted to in the past. They said they d got my email address and were coming to get me. Is it possible for someone to find my IP address and find where I live simply through chatting?

I was reading the reasons why children cyberbully each other and found out that one of the main reasons is revenge. If a kid is bullied and he decides to humiliate the bully online, would that be justified?

Please cancel Prime Membership,

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