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I believe this issue is with my PC since it is the only device in the entire house effected either this issue. The issue: my PC will disconnect from the internet after being connected for no longer than around 20 seconds to 2 minutes. It will then automatically reconnect itself half an hour later to do the same... show more

Best answer: It doesn't work that way. You cannot "update" a hard drive to an SSD via software. Generally: You use the SSD as a boot drive. Windows, drivers, and some programs are installed on the SSD. You can then use the hard drive as secondary storage for programs or files that don't really take advantage... show more

Last 10 orders with amazon?

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Best answer: As "Chris" says - it needs a new battery on the motherboard. They are usually a 2032 size lithium coin cell. The time & date setting being lost is probably the reason for updates not working. It must be set accurately for various things to work as they should.

I've got a new laptop that runs on windows 10 as most do now. And I have old word documents on my old laptop. I put the documents onto the new laptop and that's fine however I can't open any of them. I assume it's because I don't have the same version of word as I would have had before. Does... show more

Best answer: "I have tried naming a .JPEG version of the image as [image].jpg but the site still will not accept it"  This is usually due to the file name changing from image.jpeg to image.jpg.jpeg. To save the file with a JPG extension in your program, click File and Save As (or the equivalent in the program), then... show more

The computer boots up & shuts down just as fast as it ever has, but recently i had to reinstall windows because of some catastrophic event that may be related to thiis, but anyway windows 10 reinstalled no worries so i went to reinstall all my programs & NOPE! Like the Anti virus for example, i can... show more

I am trying to burn a few new disks through windows media player and/or iTunes like I have previous years. Every time I go through the burn it completes and pops out he cd like it does when its complete. But my car nor my stero reads the ce and when I put it back into the computer it says blank cd.

Best answer: i use acronis true image when i redo systems, just as soon as i have all the drivers installed and its running like a couple of french titys i get the acronis disk out and it makes a backup and compresses it which i then store on an external usb drive ... any time theres a problem i can just boot from the acronis... show more

Best answer: You could download the iOS (.ipa) & Android (.apk) files but they wouldn't work without their respective OSs

Best answer: To 'lock' data, select all four columns, activate the sort routine, and select the Date column as the 'Sort by' parameter.

Every month or so I accidentally type a key combination that reboots my computer, it's frustrating when I'm in the middle of doing something. Last time it happened I'm pretty sure I just pressed the windows key on my keyboard (to search for a program on my computer) and I thought I pressed... show more