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How do I get wifi?

8 answers · 5 days ago
I want to get a wifi set up. Im not very technological, so you might have to explain it so that I understand. I dont even know where to start

Best answer: It's completely possible he has setup remote-access to the computer or a root-kit so he has complete control of your computer. If you're willing to learn then try using DBAN which will completely wipe your computer including Windows. Only use this application if you know how to install Windows.

Husband and hook up sites?

5 answers · 4 days ago
My husband let me look at his phone and in his spam folder there were links to hook up sites but when I clicked on them there was an account made w like a generic username and personal details such as height weight ethnicity etc were not my husband's. Anyway the more I clicked on them the more sites we're... show more

If I use a VPN my college’s school WiFi, can it be traced back to me? Apparently it’s breaking school rules to use one and I won’t be using it again but if they know somebody’s used a vpn can they find out who? It’s on my iPhone X, I’m just wondering if they see my name or anything. I’m not doing anything bad on... show more

I have this old router but its not piad so when you connect it says connected no internet. How could I "hack" it to get free wifi?

Am I in trouble with work?

5 answers · 1 week ago
In the past I have visited NSFW sites on my work laptop at home but never at work (I don't have a personal laptop). A couple of times it may have been while I was connected to the company VPN but can't remember. The last time I visited these sites was two weeks ago and I haven't visited them since... show more

Best answer: Not advisable, but possible...The signal does degrade, but you could use extenders (two -- switching to DSL between them) if you are wiling to drop down to speeds of about 10 Mbps from the 50Mbps Better to use an optic fibre cable Or wireless ethernet extenders (line of sight works well) Or cellular network... show more

How to get unblocked from wifi?

6 answers · 1 week ago
Best answer: Get your own wifi.

I m looking to update my old Macbook soon and would like to transfer my old hard drive onto a Solid State Drive with larger capacity. The catch is- I use my laptop for work, and it s only by the good graces of an old IT employee who is no longer with my company that my personal computer is connected to the company... show more

Can you trace a VPN?

5 answers · 2 weeks ago
Hello, I ran into a dilemma I hope you tech savvy people can help or help me better understand. I am taking an intro to networking course in college so i am a complete beginner at networking. A friend of mine had his bank account hacked and asked me for advice. Apparantly his bank card had a transaction from a... show more

Need wifi password?

10 answers · 2 weeks ago

I tried clicking on it but nothing happened. The red dot is still there even if I'm not on the internet.

So basically I have a wireless internet router in the front of my house and an extension router in the back. The extension is new and up to date however the connection between the two must be too weak because the wifi through the extension is trash compared to the router. I want to try a wired connection between... show more

Best answer: Actually, it sounds like you're already connected to the Wi-Fi router. Now it's telling you there's a problem between the router and the ISP. If this is your router you should try powering it off for 20 seconds, then powering it back on. Give the router a minute to boot back up then retest with your... show more

Best answer: High RAM, storage, latest processor and a huge screen. Oh and not an Apple brand lol