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I bought a DVD off Amazon and it's a Canadian copy, Will it play in my US player?

I have an old Technics SA-EX110 receiver that I dug out of the closet and an old record player. The back of my receiver has these little tabs that you press down and feed the speaker wire into and release the tab (that holds the wire in place). I want to connect RCA connectors to those somehow so I can hear the... show more

Best answer: What you have is an 5.1 or 7.1 ANALOGUE speaker system designed to work with sound cards that output multi-channel audio over multiple jacks. So the Green, Black, and Yellow jacks would all plug into sockets of the same color on a compatible sound card. If you don't have a compatible sound card then all you... show more

Looking for info on those who have one of those "warm beasts" like the Pioneer SX-1980, Sansui G-33000 ,Nikko NR-1415....... and speaker pairing selections(old school 1970s speakers, mid 1980s, today's speakers....), cost of having a pro tuneup/repair and such..... Thanks

This is not an audiophile geared speaker it is gear for thunderous sound, so since audiophiles dislike thunderous and loud sound I am disregarding audiofool-based answers.

I currently have a Yamaha RX773 that is failing and use an older HK TS7 6 speaker system with a TS7 big subwoofer. I have an android box, PS3, Xbox1, Xfinity DVR, Amazon cube and at least one other HDMI device that I want to run from the receiver. Room is a small 12x8 rectangular with a Haier 75in 4k TV on the... show more

I know atmos is much better than regular surround sound and that standard surround sound is better than a soundbar but since atmos costs several grand to get all the enabled speakers and receiver, would an atmos soundbar be good enough to warrant its purchase over a standard surround sound system? And yes, I do... show more

I have a Sony sound bar with subwoofer and was thinking about connecting two desktop studio speakers to the system. The speakers and soundbar have 3.5mm jacks so in theory could I just hook them both up to a 3.5mm hub or would that cause audio lag? Or what other solutions would you guys suggest. Any help is welcome... show more

What is better jbl or cabasse or bose?

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Best answer: i cant sus out what you are trying to say. If the speakers are standard separate cabinet speaker systems connected by the usual lamp cord, and are Marked as 8 ohm speaker systems nominal, then you can attach them to another standard receiver. If not , don't bother trying, unless you are an audio hobbyist, and... show more

Best answer: Ceiling speakers are usually the cheapest thing available in a tin box and using an undersized 70Volt transformer because the shop needs dozens of them to cover the space for the least amount of money. The use of another 70Volt transformer at the amplifiers doesn't help. Odds are that the transformer taps are... show more

Best answer: You cannot power those speakers with that headphone amplifier. Those are passive, not active (self-powered) speakers and they can handle up to 120 watts apiece. You need a stereo amplifier or receiver with AT LEAST 30 watts RMS power per channel @ 6 ohms to get decent sound out of them. That ARC headphone amp only... show more

I work at a small non-profit and we are trying to update our projection system. We have an existing mounted projector that puts out VISUAL ONLY through HDMI. WE have a surround sound system that was put in a while ago but damaged in a flood. I got a new DVD/Bluray player that hooks up to the projector and my... show more