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Best answer: Hi simply this jews where persecuted over many millennium so most emigrated to other lands. that is why israel now gets such financial support. from those who found a home elsewhere in the world. the facts are such that most want to be buried in the land of there fore fathers on the mound of olives. so there you... show more

How are we related?

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So my best friend recently started genealogy and we discovered we have the same person in our trees. He is my best friend's 6th cousin 6x removed and my 7th cousin 5x removed. What does this make me and my best friend, if anything?

Is Park ever an English surname?

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Best answer: English and Scottish: from Middle English, Old French parc ‘park’; a metonymic occupational name for someone employed in a park or a topographic name for someone who lived in or near a park. In the Middle Ages a park was a large enclosed area where the landowner could hunt game. English and Scottish: from a... show more

Been trying to figure this out for 8 years now PLEASE someone help me find out who my dad is. Thanks in advance.

He was born in Illinois in the early 1860s, and the first record of him is in a Chicago city directory in 1889. There's also a possible sister mentioned in the 1880 US Census (last name is extremely similar) and an 1883 Lansing city directory (exact name). But other than that, there's no record of my last... show more

This may be a long shot, but ill start with stating that I am from Birmingham, England and recently began researching my family tree. My paternal grandmother seems to be convinced that her mother was a descendant of the Bedonkohe band of the Apache tribe. Her story says that the children of Geronimo, or atleast... show more

very hard

Best answer: No Your birth name is the one on your birth certificate.

I'm trying to find out more about my family tree and on my father's side am stuck at my grandparents. I've never met them, and they could very easily be dead and I can't ask, my dad, as we don't have a relationship and he wouldn't even know anyway. So far all I've managed to figure out... show more

Best answer: start at the local records office which is in Duke Street, your local library will also have some, the local land registry.... really depends on what you wish to learn.......there is an archaeological society even a Chester Society for Landscape... show more

Best answer: His mother's maiden name is the name she was born with. So in this example it is Williams. And regardless of her marital status at any time in her life, that will still be her maiden name. So what Frank would say is - if he wants to answer this question - "Williams" and if he doesn't want to... show more

Best answer: UK/Ireland : If his name was not on the birth cert it means they were not married and he didn't attend the registration, normally means illegitimacy, have you checked to see if he was named on the baptism record? Some vicars were very 'liberal' with what they wrote, some naming the absent father, so it... show more

How do I get public records?

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I'm trying to find out more about my family and trying to figure out where exactly I can go to get that type of information. I already have an account on Ancestry but it's only so much it gives me info.

Best answer: If you could give us the name, we might can give you ideas. Example a name ending in "ton"shows it is from a town or settlement. That is what "ton" means on a surname. Some are occupational. Mc or Mac means "son of." Fitz means "son of." The prefix "O" means... show more