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Origin of my last name...?

8 answers · 2 days ago
My last name is Pittell (pronounced Pit-tell, much like Patel but with an "i") and I ve been curious on where the origin of the name descends from. If anyone might have an idea, I would greatly appreciate the info. I would use those websites like but I don t wanna go through the hassle of... show more

Best answer: This used to be the case when lots of immigrants were illiterate. They were told how to spell their names when the entered the country. The people taking down their name and making up the spelling were English and not familiar with the spelling used in the different languages of the world so they just used to write... show more

Is my last name common?

10 answers · 2 weeks ago

On my mom's side and my grandmother's maiden on my father's side is Tingley.

This new lady started my work today. We have the same last name! Which is awesome (and rare)!! Her husband's father is my dad's great uncle. So does this mean she's my 2nd cousin? (Genealogy isn't my forte)

Can I tell people I'm part black?

8 answers · 2 weeks ago
I found out my 10th great grandfather, Etow Oh Koam (one of the 4 Mohawk Kings) bought an african slave and married her. So I have some african ancestry. Can I tell people Im part african american too?

Why do you research your genealogy?

7 answers · 2 weeks ago

I feel completely embarrassed to not know my family history even more so when I was growing up I had to do family trees and I falsified every person on my tree because I am adopted and I love my adopted family (mostly) but I can’t help but wonder about the seed I had come from. I am only 17 My mother passed away... show more

Why am I mostly European?

10 answers · 2 weeks ago
I took a ancestry dna test with me being Puerto Rican and my dna test showed I’m 66 percent European which is basically 70 percent if you round it! The rest was Native American & African with some West Asian. Why is this?

Is it reliable? Also, do you have to pay on a monthly basis or is one time enough. If I do this I would like to do it just one time to get to know my DNA results, but no subscription or something.

Best answer: With rare exception, you can't pinpoint it. I have an ancestor who changed his surname from "Adams" to "Addams" so that his line would be distinct. That's one of those rare exceptions. Before a high-school education became the norm for middle-class people, spelling varied.

Best answer: DNA tests are no substitue for traditional genelogy using documents. The only thing they can do is match you with population groups in their database and each company has its own database. So go to different companies and get different results. It has been reported if you are tested by a company and go back... show more

I’ve become fascinated with my family history, especially my mother’s family. My mom’s relatives all claim that we originated in Northern Ireland and originally came from Scotland. Both the eldest family members and distant cousins who haven’t seen my close family in years all say that our family immigrated from... show more

Best answer: I'm not an expert on German, but Kaepernick and Koppernigk (Copernicus) do seem quite similar.

Best answer: Not necessarily, but some are. My mother's maiden name got anglicized though from Dutch. I am not sure why, I guess my great great grandfather thought he didn't fit in enough with his Dutch surname, but his name totally got butchered and Anglicized, and morphed into a very super English surname. People... show more

Best answer: The Philippines was colonized and controlled by Spain from 1521 to 1898. :)