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Are motorcycles better than cars?

10 answers · 16 hours ago
Someone told me you can speed through traffic on a freeway going 100mph on a freeway and it beats being ina rushhour traffic.

I've got a 1980 Suzuki gs750e cafe racer. I threw a set of IRCs on it when I first started riding it just because I had them laying around. I knew these were a cheap tire and didn't expect much. Within about 650 miles, the back tire was completely toast, I'm not talking down to the wear bar, it was a... show more

Motorcycle vs car to operate cost?

8 answers · 5 days ago
so i daily drive a motorcycle. i usually buy a bike fro 1-2k dollars put a little work in it each year a few hundred an drive it . then sell it after a few seasons for about what i paid. Im looking at buying a older cars 80s early 90s an it seems to be an endless money pit. pay 2-3 grand for a 80s car with high... show more

Best answer: i would go with harley my friend. and the 48 and iron 883 looks so beautiful. dont know anything about Victory. but you can never go wrong if you go with Indian or Triumph

super sport motorcycle?

replaced battery, bike in neutral, kickstand up, key on killswitch in run position I have no power to anything

.. when the brake is released? I've taken them off the rear drum brake of my Honda 250 scooter and the brake is much more powerful as I'm not wasting effort overcoming the inertia of the springs. What a silly invention in the first place!!

I'm checking when a tire I have on one of my bikes was manufactured. It looks pretty old but the only number I could find on it that could be a date number is 046... There's no possible way for that tire to be from 1946 because the bike was made in 1996. Is it maybe 0406 but they didn't put a 0 before... show more

I am a little bit heavier... Not huge but a weed eater is having trouble moving the bicycle on anything but flat or down hill ground :/ although I did do friction drive against the back tire. I wanted to know if I can legally add another motor as long as I stay under the 50cc rule? One on front, one on back :)

Best answer: Dang that is a hard two choices to decide. I have ridden both and I like both of them. But on this one I will have to go with the 48. It has a little more power compare to the Iron 883. However if you decide to go for 883, I dont think it will hurt you. Its a good choice as well

2005 660 carb jetting adjustment?

6 answers · 7 days ago

Best answer: Battery is dead..dead. Check water. It should be up to a notch inside the hole. Use a charger. Or best Fire it, warm it up, ride and shift around 5000 for 15 min to half hour, see if it will charge. Get it home. See if it starts. If not replace the battery.

Carburetor count?

11 answers · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Honda CBX had 6. Kawasaki Z1300(?). 1966 Honda RC166 250,might have had 6,but sounded bloody lovely all the same.

I just got a manual motorcycle and I shifted from 2nd to 1st THROUGH A GRIND, as in, it was grinding gears and I shifted anyway because I panicked. and I had only been driving it a couple minutes or so. Now I hear like a small raddle as if something is loose or clanking around in the tranny or engine? could I have... show more