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What do you think of dreadlocks?

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Best answer: They look nasty and they stink. And for those of you who think that scented powder helps, spray a turd with Febreze and let me know what you think!

Best answer: If they wish to. Like a hat, jewelry, or other clothing, it is just an appearance, less permanent than a tattoo.

I’m not self conscious about it I think it’s cool that I can do it myself but I just rarely hear anything about guys actually sitting down and braiding their own hair as if a female were doing it. Would girls consider this a problem.

Best answer: Probably Baldness generally runs in the family

I am a 20 year old guy and don’t know much bout hair n beauty and I got like 8 inches of hair on top in undercut but my hair is dead straight want it wavier do it doesn’t look too flopping down when I wear it back instead of tied up or side ways But idk if I just go in and ask for it wavier should I be more... show more

Best answer: your 16 years old and have loads of growing up left

The Mexicans won the War?

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Just got my hair cut. I wanted a angled lob. My hair had finally grown out and I was wanting to get a new hairstyle without cutting off too much length in the front. I asked my hairdresser for the front of my hair to be around collarbone length maybe even longer and she said that she would start off longer and go... show more

Best answer: dirty blonde

What colour is her hair?

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Is it ginger or chestnut brown?

👏 three 👏 hairdressers 👏 I’ve 👏 been too 👏 they all cut my hair too short no matter how much I tell them just the ends, I end up with short hair. Is there something that I need to say to make them cut it the way I want instead of going crazy and cutting my hair their way

I've got pretty long hair which goes down to my shoulders when straightened out, so I know a small amount of hair may look like more than what it is when longer, but is it normal for mens hair to clog the drain although it's long? I'm not sure if women lose more hair than men but also grow more faster,... show more

Best answer: Take a pic OF the singer. A close-up pic. Show the stylist what you want.

Best answer: leave in conditioner and oil

How to make my hair grow?!?

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Growing up I’ve always had short hair; my hair was shoulder length when I was 4, 10 years later and it had only JUST reached bra length where for others, it would be half way down their back or longer. When I was young, my doctor said I had ‘sleepy hair’. I have always dreamt of having hair down to my lower back.... show more