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Is olive oil good for hair?

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Best answer: Sure. My sis has let hers go natural, and it looks lovely.

Because the hair grow from the roots, not the ends..

What is this haircut called?

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The hairs are not equally sized on the sides. . Somewhere it has long hairs (on the ear) and somewhere short hairs (on the forehead). . I want to have this haircut. But don't know how to explain it to the barber and if I know the name of this haircut i can search it on google for details and pictures.

Best answer: For a long time, I kept my naturally curly hair just below shoulder length. I rotated my styling between wearing it down, gathering the bangs and temple hair in a barrette, using a zig zag part, tying it up in a messy bun or wearing it back and sometimes French braids. But, then I turned 57 and opted for a... show more

Should i shave my chest hair?

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Does masturbation cause hair loss?

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Do I cut it to my shoulder or not

I have front bangs right on my eyebrows straigh across, and I’m about to go through navy boot camp. How would I pull them back? Anyone else have this issue?

Rice water for hair growth?

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Best answer: I'm gonna try to tackle each question one at a time :) 1. Fermented rice water is better because the nutrient levels and vitamins are enhanced, it brings down the pH levels of the rice water to that of your hair, and it helps close cuticles which protects your hair 2. How to make (fermented) rice water: -Rinse... show more

I poured carbonated mineral water by cocacola on my hair. Is it bad for my hair? thanks

I tried cutting layers in my hair, but they came out kind of choppy and I m so mad at myself for doing it! I ll be going to the hair salon next week, but I m afraid people will laugh at it until then. Holding it in a ponytail looks a bit weird as well. Can I do something that would make it grow faster or just do... show more

my guyfriend asks me to cut his hair for him and i dont have any experience cutting someones hair