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I'm a male and I have split ends. Should I cut my hair completely to get rid of it?

Best answer: Yes, especially when it is well groomed, and healthy looking. Note: Not all men will care, but most will appreciate it.

Best answer: If you are goth, and a grunge like everyone else is that is a guy with long hair, h e l l fire wouldn't bother you, tell her I like being hot as h e l l. She will understand

What colour are my roots?

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I am 14 and I am Pansexual, but my family is so damn religious that they wont let me gay or lesbian, only straight. They believe that dying your hair any other color that isnt natural is wrong.

Best answer: If your straightener is cordless/rechargable, sure. If you're plugged into the wall, I wouldn't recommend using it or ANY electrical appliance that needs to be held or come in contact with your body. A safety precaution because if there is a power surge, you could get 'zapped'.

I’ve been plucking my armpit hair for a few years because I sometimes cut myself at times when I shave. Recently, I let the hair grow and tried shaving it. The hair won’t shave. Why? I’ve tried using a hair removal cream called Neomen and it hasn’t helped either. I don’t have the money to do laser hair removal. I... show more

What should I do to my damaged hair?

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Hi I'm 16 and I dont know if that's really important to note but yeah. I have really badly damaged hair. It's broken off everywhere. My roots are curled but the ends are straight. I've been thinking of shaving my hair but I have like scars and what not on my head. Its feasible just not preferred. Is... show more

Or would it not work how it’s supposed to if you did this?

Best answer: None. Detox or clarifying shampoos only remove build up on the out side of your hair shaft, which is where the drugs show up. Shampoos like that, don't penetrate deep enough into the hair shaft to remove any evidence drugs. Your best bet is to shave your hair off, or stop doing drugs.

Best answer: Just get a normal hair cut. Why go from one extreme to another?

Is my hair wavy or curly?

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Best answer: cause your rnorn wont like it, just cornprornise and cut it short

Hiii I’m a guy 23 years old and I’ve NEVER dyed my hair and I have sensitive skin and dandruff if that means anything.. I want to change my hair from a dirty blonde/very blonde in the summer to a grey or silver look.. I wanna do semi permanent so it’s not on my hair for forever.. I was just wondering if it’s easy... show more

Im growing out my hair no i don't know how long but should i trim around the sides like where my sideburns are or do i not cut anything?