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Please don’t mind my grammar ! Recently I decided to get a hair correction. It costs $330 and I won’t mind paying it, but my boyfriend says that they’re overcharged . He never met someone that pay $330 for the hair. You know I never spend money on anything but foods. It is my money and I work hard for it . Why... show more

Best answer: They can't deliver under your bridge.

Should i cut my hair off?

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Can I wash my hair every day?

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Best answer: If your hair feels gross then wash it. If you need to wash your hair every day then that's okay. I do the same, some times I leave it unwashed on the weekend if I'm not going out any where special. In the summer I had to wash my hair all most every day, I sweat a lot in my job (and I don't have air... show more

Best answer: It depends on a lot of factors. Genetics being one of the most important. Some people can grow a full beard in a couple of weeks, some can take around a year. Also depends if you can even grow one and your age. A lot of men I know weren't able to grow a beard until after their early 20s.

Red hair or blond for a girl?

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it is not natural red, but dyed copper. Or just nice platinum blond. I have green eyes, white skin.

short (pixie cut, shaved head), medium (bob, shoulder length), or long (past shoulders, or longer)?

Curly hair or straight hair?

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What hair type do you like best? Or find most attractive?

What's your favorite hair color?

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And what's your natural hair color?

Best answer: Shampoo, then condition. Shampoo and focus mainly on the scalp. You want to remove the buildup of product and oils from the scalp. The rest of the hair will be cleaned as you rinse your hair. Then after fully rinsing your hair of the shampoo, use conditioner and focus mainly on your ends. Don't get this... show more

How to buy the best olive oil?

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I have long, straight blonde hair. I have a guy friend that whenever we hang out together, he always wants to cuddle me and have me lay on his chest. He loves to play with my hair, run his fingers through it, massage my scalp, and he's always telling me how pretty it is, how soft and silky it feels, and how... show more

Best answer: Get yourself checked out. Maybe you are having bad stress, bad diet, or something else that is making you lose hair. If it is just male pattern baldness, you have options of Rogaine, which supposedly works and the sooner you start, the better - or surgery, various types of transplants. If you're not rich,... show more