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Do anybody sell Mary Kay?

25 answers · 1 week ago
My friend does it and said it would be good for me. I guess she gets some type of bonus points? I was really just wondering if you can make enough to cover your own cost of buying good lipsticks. Like just selling a few boxes would be better than buying at the store. Anyone do this?

Best answer: " I found the baby-wipe-as-face-wipe idea intriguing for a few reasons. One, I have lazy phases when it comes to p.m. face-washing, and wipes encourage me to at least remove my makeup. Two, wipes designed specifically for the face can be somewhat pricey and often disappoint me, either by burning my sensitive... show more

Are you into BB foundation creams?

12 answers · 2 weeks ago

I have no eyelashes at all?

17 answers · 2 weeks ago

Best answer: Nude pink is better.

Best answer: Makeup can hide a lot of flaws in a woman. It can't make an ugly girl look pretty, but it can make an ugly girl look different enough that she is presentable and it can make an average looking girl hot. Men can't hide behind things like makeup.

i naturally have really long, curly lashes but i want them to be LONGER.

Best answer: Nude pink.

I've always loved a beauty mark, like the one Cindy Crawford has. I've been drawing one on while I'm in the house and I think it looks sooo cute. I can't just start wearing one out of friends and family would be surprised. I'm thinking of drawing one on super small, then very... show more

What does eyebrow waxing for?

11 answers · 2 weeks ago

Best answer: I guess you COULD sleep with mascara on,but it's a pain to take off in the morning (because it's smudged and crumbled) and it might make your eyelashes kind of weird. It would be fine, but why would u want to anyway? Lol

Your best foundation recommendation?

11 answers · 3 weeks ago
Let's be honest, I'm not a huge foundation fan, but I love the way it looks when I do wear it. My main gripe is that I can't itch my face lol. Any recommendations on foundation for people who don't like wearing it that much? Lightweight faves, perhaps? Could be drugstore or higher-end, I don't... show more

I’ve started getting more into makeup and have become frustrated because no matter what I do my makeup will never stay on my face. I put on moisturizer and then primer. After that I use a liquid foundation (lately it’s been Tarte’s matte tape shape), then I apply concealer (usually nyx’s gotcha covered, &... show more

How do I make it go back to the original state of my lashes where it was straight... some lashes look crippled, wonky, and so brittle and when i put mascara it looks so ugly especially close up :( What can I do or put?

What is your go to makeup look?

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Best answer: none just mascara and lipstick maybe add eye shadow, brow pencil and blush full face of make up- rarely happens

TBH I just go for fire engine red as I like the nice bold red color and I just leave it at that, but should I be looking at a specific shade to better suit me? FYI I'm pale skinned, dark chestnut hair (often dyed black)

Do every girl put on makeup for her senior yearbook photo? I never wore makeup before and never had the intentions to, yesterday was my photo session for senior yearbook n I had no makeup on except for eyebrows that my mom (A licensed professional) filled in for me the last 2 minutes before leaving home. (I... show more