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Poll what color is your hair?

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Best answer: Yup

What's my eye color?

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What does it mean if a person have ashy knees?

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Why is brown hair and pale skin so ugly?

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First name is Kevin—Just want ink tattoo that has word “Kevin” written out on my skin—-Where’s best place you would put a tatttoo of your first name??

How much are tattoos?

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How much is a full sleeve tattoo for both arms and full upper body tattoos? On average for an experienced good tattoo artist?

I don't consider myself racist at all. I have many friends who are blacks and Asians, but when it comes to sexual attraction, i only get turned on by Caucasian women. My questions are: 1) Do you believe its typical among White people? Is it typical among Asian or Black people too (to not feel attraction to... show more

Did u cry when u got ur tattoo?

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I’m so scared and have a low pain tolerance they look nice but I’m really scared

My boyfreind wants ears pierced but is scared... help?!?!?

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My boyfreind really would like his ears pierced but hes worried that they will get in the way of wrestling but we all are telling him he could wear sports earings and wrap them in bandaids and the head gear will help. How should i convince him they will be ok with wrestling? He also is afraid about it hurting, how... show more

How to connect two tattoos to make a sleeve?

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I have two tattoos in my left forearm. One on the back and one in the front. I would like to make a half sleeve out of them but I don’t know how to connect it. What’s some good options

Best answer: I own a Construction company, We do alot of emergency home repair type of work. I will not Hire folks with tattoos because they scare my customers. If you look like an inmate to me, then you look like an inmate to the old lady that hires me. Your tattoos will lose me jobs. Like wise if I go to a bankers or Doctors... show more

Are tribal tattoos dead?

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Best answer: I blame Crash Bandicoot for alot of societies illness. Last night i beat up a tramp who was sleeping in an argos doorway, he stunk of grapes and looked just like my dad. Thing is, that bandicoot motherfucker told me to! I was playing Crash Bandicoot 2: Electric boogaloo on my Nintendo Smartphone and he looks... show more

How comes American girls love us English guys so much?

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Best answer: Personally for me I like their accent and boyish charm

What should I do my blouse flew open?

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