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What eye color are my eyes?

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Best answer: True for Bruce Willis

Best answer: no i think it is pretty

Best answer: At least on here, most people are not posting real pics of themselves, they are trolling with other peoples pics

Best answer: If you think she was rude to you that means she though you were rude to her. You get back what you give out. You gave out rudeness, she gave back rudeness. You thought you were being honest, reality is you were rude.

Best answer: Some people do not value the soul but only the boobies.

I'd say most people in my school use social media such as Snapchat or Instagram. I've never had it as I don't need it or want it. Am i weird?

Best answer: she looks like a man

Best answer: barefoot

I'm 18 years old guy and I get lot of attention from girls and today at the gym I talked to 2 guys about diet and stuff and they said they're 24 and they looked old asf, one of them was bald. Am I going to lose the youthful that I have now by the time I'm 25?

They look so unclassy and trashy in my opinion, especially when they're so long you can't handle things properly. I prefer shorter nails on myself lol I'd like to know other peoples opinions on this