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Best answer: This is most definitely not true. If it was we wouldn't be masturbating so much.

How to hide a hickey?

23 answers · 2 weeks ago
My girlfriend and I were making out, she ended up giving me a hickey. Makeup doesn't cover it well. How could I hide it? I have school tomorrow! I can't hide it with my hair since I have a pixie cut. We're not allowed to wear hoods at school. Please help me? Is there anything I could do to make it go... show more

Honestly, do you think she is pretty?

37 answers · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Seems pretty enough.

Best answer: Dark hair, brown eyes, either white skin or very dark.

Best answer: Sounds like she doesn't agree with your opinion.

I am 30 but people often assume I am over 40 when they meet me. I was very sick during my 20s and it has left me with a deeply wrinkled face which is making me miserable. I feel like I've tried everything; facial exercises, creams, healthy diet, water, sleep but nothing seems to work. If someone has any advice... show more

Best answer: it could either mean she thinks shes hideous or pretty because of the way she said it

looks intimidating? Pretty sure it’s because I’m ugly in all honesty and I know it wasn’t my performance on the job trial or interview, they probably found me really ugly. Kind of makes me want to kill myself tbqh

Well, it gets kind of personal here tbh. I'm 24 years old, 5'11" tall and have a pair of beautiful, 4-inch-heels. I am not really used to wearing heels but I really like this pair and I want to wear them... Would it be weird though? My boyfriend is 6'8" so I will not be towering him but how... show more

Best answer: Because women naturally have a little fat on them, but not so much that you could call them chubby. Plus, softness goes hand in hand with the smooth skin women are meant to have. Wide birthing hips are sexy because it means the women can deliver babies without a problem. Big boobs has to do with the ability to... show more

people just don’t want you around

Best answer: People just follow an instinct, and it's the nature where we live. As you said, we can't change it sadly.

I was wondering if I share enough traits to be considered Nordic: Long oval shaped skull Prominent, well defined chin blueish grey eyes auburn hair Medium width lips A lot of freckles And I am on the tall side. High cheekbones. Thin, long eyebrows.

Have you ever been called ugly?

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Best answer: My wife's voice when she's upset, which is most of the time.