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Why didn't they use planes?

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Best answer: No. Absolutely not. Fire bombers are meant to prevent a fire from spreading by attacking a flame front before it gets too intense, but whatever is burning behind is essentially lost. The effect goes past the point of merely putting water on the fire, but of flushing an area with 6 tonnes of liquid. Using water... show more

Best answer: Because they want to use every available space. By getting people to put at least some of their luggage in overhead bins, there is less stuff in the cargo bay - meaning there might be room leftover down there to carry revenue cargo. Also because passengers may have personal items they want to keep with them... show more

I wasn't sure exactly what it means. I thought it was the weight that a plane can carry *after* being filled with fuel, but I Googled it to be sure. I found a definition that says it's the max weight allowable INCLUDING fuel, people & baggage. This doesn't seem right! The specs for the Bonanza... show more

Best answer: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

When you ask this you hear 'to be the best', 'because of flying',... But what I mean is, how do you explain the urge to fly, to fly the most advanced aircraft, to DO something with your life... I've heard quite some anwsers but they're always limited to just those short expressions, without... show more

Best answer: None of the former warbirds flying today in air shows have guns, they were all removed and replaced by mock-ups if the look is desired. And since the weight of those guns and ammo were essentially located at the center of lift (quarter chord), their weight had essentially no effect on the balance, being present or... show more

Best answer: The composition of the air is pretty much the same as the one at sea level, with 21% of it being oxygen. What changes is the pressure and density. But what matters, as far as an aircraft is concerned, is how much air it will meet by unit of time, and thus arrives the notion of equivalent airspeed. An aircraft... show more

I just turned 16 and have yet to get a job. I'm graduating next year and plan to go to a college of aviation so I don't see a point in forking all of the money over for flight school right now when I'll be paying for it in college. Any ideas on how else to get involved in aviation, or cheaper ways to... show more

Best answer: Yes! This was a canard/delta winged configuration Chinese spy plane. It was powered by eight Stirling engined ducted fans. The problem was their air pollution was so bad, they couldn't get enough solar heat to get the engines up to toke-off RPM.

Boeing 747 400 A380 A321 A320 And so on... Thanks

Best answer: High bypass turbofans are notoriously larger than the thickness of a wing, which would require rather complex surface design, but also make it much more complicated structurally, as the wing spar would somehow have to pass above and/or below the engine. But more to the point: jet engines have to be positioned such... show more

Who can ground an airliner?

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This is something that I really want to do

Does China have air traffic control?

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