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Where can I get a good elk burger?

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Is Long John Silver's generally a good fish experience?

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For me fried fish is a rare indulgence. But nothing frozen contains any flaky fish flesh. Instead it is like dissolved fish inside a batter. Now if I plunk down 10-15 dollars at LJS will I get real fish or more junk?

Best answer: completely true. they don't have time to clean the seats very often if ever at all. My guess is decent theaters may steam clean them once a year if we're lucky. But if you're expecting them to be cleaned every night like they steam clean the streets at Disneyland, that's definitely not happening show more

Which restaurants on average get tipped well?

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Hi I’m looking into getting a second job which is part time. Looking into the serving industry and wondering which restaurants get tipped better than average. Any recommendations?

Are there any In-N-Outs restaurants jn Texas?

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Are you familiar with The Original Detroit Style Pizza? Why is there Chicago style, New York Style, California style, and yet the place that has the most influence on Pizza thru chains like Little Caesars, Domino's, Hungry Howie's, Marco's, And Buddy's (the original deep dish-Not like Uno which is ... show more

Bottle service scamming girls out of money?

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Are dollar slice pizza really that good in nyc?

5 answers · New York City · 1 month ago
Best answer: To me there is no better on earth.

Why is American cheese so inferior to English Cheese?

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Best answer: True, but the US has better beer these days.

Denny's or IHOP: Which restaurant do you like better between these two?

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Best answer: Denny's is nothing special, but IHOP food is actually revolting. Go to the Original Pancake House (or any independent diner).

Best answer: To each his/her own. I'm one of those "picky" people who prefer to have a seat facing the door. Perhaps it's from years of being a teacher and wanting to make sure I know who's coming into the room. Does it bother you? If it does, it shouldn't. I'm sure you have at least one... show more

An idea for a restaurant. Honest opinions, please?

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I'd call it The Barnyard. Customers would be served food in long, square wooden bowls. What do you think?

Do Hooters Girls flirt with customers?

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How do people get ihop coupons in their mail? Not email.?

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What's the average cost of a whole rack of ribs in restaurants?

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Best answer: Probably depends on the restaurants to give you an exact price. But average would probably be close to $22 dollars. Some cheap restaurants will charge around $15. And the more finer/nicer restaurants will charge closer to $30

Looking for a Kosher restaurant in new york city?

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I like to try different regional chains while in the area. Whataburger, Shake Shake, In N Out, etc. Are there any restaurants like that around Salt Lake City?