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Best answer: They were mostly Pakistanis and Afghans and maybe Moors...they claim to be Syrian because Syrian refugees are status symbols and are given houses It was not just Cologne, it was organised in cities from Austria to Finland on the same night and a week later 2 British women appeared on Victoria Derbyshire saying it... show more

Best answer: Brando was hard to work with and in his later years couldn't remember his lines. In the Godfather he had to read his lines from cards. Olivier memorized very long passages.

This October will be my 7th year as a scare actor at a haunted house. I am 22 years old and my first year was when I was 16 - I've been doing it every year since. :) Anyway, this year at my home haunt we have this new feature where people can pay extra for a more "extreme" experience where a few... show more

Best answer: The actors' spouses might object.

Who is this actor?

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The car is a clue to their surname It's not Harrison Ford

Am I too short to be on Broadway?

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Best answer: Broadway actors come in all shapes and sizes. You're height will help you in come cases and not in others - the same as any other physical attribute. What matters more is do you have the passion for acting. While it's fine to have a "dream role", if the only reason you want to go into acting... show more

Isn't it delightful that our fellow Northern Europeans have decided to choose a nationalist government who will hopefully deal with this scourge of rape and terror gangs. Tis a dull day most of which got spent waiting for my private doctor. Since yesterday my nose has been running with chills and fevers. I... show more

Any good audition monologues?

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I m a 16 year old girl and the monologue needs to be 2-3 minutes long. I prefer drama, but anything is fine Thanks

So, I have been auditioning year after year (also successfully competed in acting competitions and a multiple star Thespian) and finally got my name onto my high school’s fall show list except I’m an understudy. Is it worth it? If I do I have to sacrifice not being in other clubs and from what I have found out... show more

Name for theatre group?

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My friends and I are doing a student run production of a play, but we need ideas of what to call our theatre group. Any suggestions?

Best answer: There's no rules - but think of it this way. Your stage name will be on your resume, your website and your other marketing materials. You will build a reputation with that stage name. So use it when you're working to build that reputation. If you list The Acting Class on your resume with the name Joe... show more

Best answer: I'm with you. I hate "theater".

For some reason a few years back I came up with this theory that after being cast in a lot of movies, actors begin to slowly lose their emotions, to the point where they become puppets to the director. This is because they spend the majority if not the entirety of their career following the orders of someone and... show more

I am an aspiring writer, and I am currently applying for a grant from a youth charity to be able to put on a musical that I m writing in a fringe theatre, as a amateur production. I have one particular theatre clear as a first-choice. However, with my total budget that the charity give me, I can only afford to put... show more

Best answer: I have read that some people get voice jobs on fiverr; I have not checked it out.

How to cry like crazy on command?

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I’m doing a play in school and my character has to cry. I can’t cry on command. How do I do it?