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Can You Buy A Train?

10 answers · 3 days ago
Best answer: I probably could but I don't know about your financial situation. There were investment companies that would put your money into sea containers making you a return on the leasing charge. A good idea until there was suddenly a surplus in sea containers and you started to have to pay storage fees rather than... show more

Best answer: Yes, plenty of disused railway stations have been sold off in the past. Sometimes it’s just the station building, or it can include the platform for the station building as well. It doesn’t matter whether there is a live running track beside the property being sold but Network Rail will not usually sell off... show more

Airplanes vs. Trains?

6 answers · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Trains stay on the ground. Might be safer in bad weather. They are slow, but can carry lots of people and even more freight. Sometimes they leave the tracks or collide with something. Airplanes are faster. Statistics say they are safest mode of travel. Not true though. Trains might be safer, and buses a lot... show more

Best answer: The same reason the roads in India are poorer than in the USA. India has the largest rail network in the world, and it is well-run (but not quite as good as Japan) because that is the primary means of long distance travel. There are 200 MILLION more cars in America than India, and the car/coach is the preferred... show more

Best answer: High speed trains are around £1 million per vehicle. See link I have put in comment .

Best answer: No. The Conductor is the guy who deals with the passengers/cargo. The "driver" has always been the Engineer.

Best answer: They call that a dining car. I have been in two, one on an AMTRAK train in the 70s and one in Germany. It wouldn't surprise me.

Yesterday, I was driving home and traffic was stopped for about 15 minutes. The train gates were down and flashing red, but there was a yellow truck on the tracks with a hook or something. What was happening there, and why would there be a delay this long?

Best answer: Being a first-timer with a plausible story is a good start. Unused tickets bought before the incident, or a receipt or bank statement showing you paid the rail service enough for several tickets will help.

Best answer: Effectively they’re the same thing. But train tracks are specifically for trains whereas rail tracks could be for trams, dockside cranes, or anything else which runs on rails. But whenever you mention rail tracks the default understanding will be that you still mean trains.

Best answer: It's the same with the postal service, Dept of motor vehicles, and every other Government run operation. If they were a private business, and operated in the same manner, they would have been bankrupt long ago.

How to become a train engineer?

4 answers · 2 months ago
Best answer: You don't NEED a college degree to become a railroad engineer. If that is your lifetime goal, don't waste your time and money on college. IF you meet the qualifications, you can hire on as a Train Crewman at 18 years old, with just a high school diploma. I suggest you do some research on your own. ... show more

So let me build you a scenario... A very well-off individual has plenty of money, (30,000,000+) wants to own a steam locomotive. He finds one to buy and buys it. He builds a garage on his own property, but, how will he get it there? Does Amtrak allow for private connections to the grid?

Is there an Amtrak in Lubbock tx?

7 answers · 2 months ago

Best answer: There is a local restaurant that was originally run out of a converted boxcar. They kept getting more boxcars (presumably free) until they had enough for a large dining establishment, although the box cars are only for the dining area. I was wondering how they got so many boxcars. The scrap value on those things is... show more

People always say a tornado sounds like a freight train. From what I’ve noticed freight trains are longer, bulkier, and slower moving than the Amtrak so they probably would be louder. In the movie The Polar Express the train was a passenger train but I thought it sounded more like a freight train (maybe it was... show more

How late does an Amtrak tend to run?

12 answers · 3 months ago
I know it tends to run late, and I know why. These things do not answer my question. My friend is taking a trip that is a little more time sensitive. He is taking a trip from Missouri to Wyoming, and he is meant to meet me on a Friday to get this new apartment. If he is not there before the office closes, we have... show more