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How to get free food from McDonalds?

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Best answer: probably the machine ran out of syrup or CO2 Always taste it before leaving so you can take it back and inform them when something like this happens. they will get you a new one once the syrup is replaced.

I like bacon egg and cheese biscuits, but Mcdonalds, Hardees and esp Burger King all have Very rubbery chew forever bacon. Why never crispy easy to chew bacon?

Best answer: You're saying this kind of sh*t is better than that kind of sh*t?

Best answer: The bags should be sealed before they leave the restaurant. If you order delivery food and the items are not sealed or packed properly you should refuse the delivery and not pay.

Best answer: im craving a big mac and chicken nuggets

Best answer: No they don't do it for that reason they do it because people tend to be very impatient, as for why they seem to mess up the orders a lot in the drive thru, and part of it is because they are in such a big hurry.

Best fast food breakfast ?

18 answers · 4 weeks ago
Best answer: McDonalds sausage and egg biscuit.

Best answer: No they are not.

Best answer: Because a lot of the people that work at fast food restaurants tend to be kids with little or no work experience who don't care if they get fired or not.

Cheapest fast food options for lunch?

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I'm spending $25+ on McDonalds every day, I need something cheaper...I usually order a couple of burgers, couple of fries & McFlurrie/s... thanks xx

Best answer: Yes, it’s on a big sign in front of a Wendy’s in my area. Get the double stack, it’s a quarter pound of beef, and cheaper than a Dave’s Single.

I fancy kfc. it's only a few mins walk from me but i need to wait in as im expecting an engineer to come at any moment. I can order through deliveroo but I'm a bit embarrassed about getting food delivered from somewhere that is so close. Should i care

I live in downtown Chicago and they don't even sell the item up here. The Hot n' Spicy McChicken was amazing, it was tasty and I would always buy three everyday. What happened to it? I was just at Pennsylvania and they didn't even sell it either.

Favorite food item from McDonald's?

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Frappe for me.