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Insane kids these days who have been severely misguided. Nor do I want my child around socalled adults around here, who are too often weirdos and I've already had my kid abused and criticized by others months before birthing. Such as saying the kid will be stupid etc and other things. I do not want the kid... show more

Homeschool your child

How do I prove I’m confident?

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Hi! I know the title isn’t very specific, but here goes: So I’m 14 and female, I’m homeschooled. So I used to go to public school (high school to be exact) but i don’t go anymore. When I was in public school my anxiety was very bad and I wasn’t very confident, I couldn’t stick up for myself aswell. I was fine... show more

Did God ever put Jesus on Mars?

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Did Carl Sagan die a virgin?

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Best answer: No. Liberals would unionize them.

My mom wants me to be homeschooled?

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Best answer: If you live in America, yes, parents have the right to choose where their children go to school. You can try and talk her out of it, but legally, yes, she can force you.

like europe, uk, usa and so on, there are some other countries also developed beautiful but they still no there where these countries are, Most important I love those people too, so loving and kind too, open minded shame of myself that I still never been there in my life, I love those countries and people so much,

Best answer: White privilege is a made up racist term to try to make whites feel guilty. And it works VERY well. What they mean by it is that it's an aggregation of all the little things that give a white person greater odds for socioeconomic success in life, like being born into a two parent household, growing up in a... show more