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Best answer: According to the progressive outraged left, EVERYTHING from FOX NEWS is a lie. The leftists idiot occasionally break out the old rant that FOX went to court and proved that they had right to lie.

Why does Dianne think there are humans with 12 brains?

7 answers · Sao Paulo · 2 months ago
Best answer: Anon, BRAIN CELLS. ;-) Anon, this might scare you, it does me. Your brain is made up of over 100 billion nerve cells and each brain cell is connected to around 10,000 other cells, this equals around 1000 trillion connections in your brain. It does scare ya doesn't it? ;-)

Would god let me go to a fantasy world?

9 answers · Brasillia · 3 months ago

A teenager who loves whiny pop-punk bands and idolizes talentless reality stars like the Kardashians?

Best answer: The ivy league you currently have is already quite short, for an even shorter summer style that can be designed to fully suit, suggest a crew cut or a flat top crew cut with a semi-short taper on the back/sides rather than a butch or burr(short butch.) A crew or flat can always be recut as a butch or burr by simply... show more