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Best answer: How did this get started? Tell an adult you trust- a teacher or a counselor. They should NOT be pressuring you to do this. I gather you're in the UK (Americans don't say "pressurized") so I don't know how the schools handle these things, but these kids need a real talking to about not being... show more

My psat score is a 740...

Best answer: Have a good enough reason to do it. If the reason for studying is less valuable than entertainment, you are fighting an uphill battle.

What is a yeet?

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What's gonna happen to me?

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Best answer: you'll do fine if you don't care what school you get into.

AP classes in Highschool?

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Best answer: AP classes are very useful if you want to go to good college. Most 4-year colleges/universities look at your AP classes and what grades you got from those AP classes more than your SAT/ACT scores. These classes are college-level classes that were prepared for high school students to take while still in high school.... show more

Best answer: When the instructor starts the clock, tells you to, "Turn over the paper", or "open the book", or "You may start, Now!" OR When the Pope has his minions put the Question, to you, during their second "inquisition."

Why am i so stupid?

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All throughout school i've always done badly on tests even though I study so hard and don't get nervous before the test. Honestly, what is wrong with me:( ?

Best answer: They are all serious and can be life threatening. You can easily google for explanations and info about all three of them

'f*cking kill yourself before some legend does it for you, you f*cking worthless c*nt'. what punishment probably?

Best answer: All standardized tests are worthless. The only way to guarantee a student has learned anything is by using only essay questions. Girls can learn math as well as boys; it's just that schools don't teach it properly!

Best answer: lol .. your just barely above retard ..

Best answer: No, I would have advocated for the death penalty.

What is wrong with me!!!!!?

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Best answer: Nothing is wrong with you... just need to learn study skills.